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different types of mobile crushers for mineral processing

The mobile crusher plant is a kind of production equipment with certain mobile performance and can be used independently, flexible and adaptable. The integrated assembly form of the mobile crusher eliminates the complex site infrastructure installation operation of the pided components. It is made on the basis of the traditional crushing equipment, and has many different types. Here is a brief introduction to what problems it contains.

We know that the traditional crusher has jaw rock breaking machine, cone type rock breaker, roller type rock breaker, hammer type breaker and impact making machine. They have different applications in production. The material that can be processed and the working principle in the production of the material are different, so the equipment is changed. The mobile crusher plant station is also pided into many different types. Next we will make a detailed analysis of these reformed production equipment.

1. The mobile jaw crusher is reformed on the basis of the original rough breaking machine. Its production principle is constant. It still relies on the movable jaw plate to make periodic reciprocating movement, which will be crushed by the material between the two jaw plates, or used as a rough broken equipment.

2. The mobile cone crusher, which is reformed on the basis of the original medium and fine equipment, is still used as a medium equipment. When the material is processed, the outer cone is fixed, the inner cone is eccentric with the eccentric shaft (or eccentric sleeve), and the material is subjected to pressure and bending between the two cones. Bending force and breaking.

3. For the roll moving crusher station, the production process of the machine is mainly: the material is crushed in two parallel and opposite rollers (light roller) or by pressure splitting (tooth roll), such as the different rotation number of two rolls and local grinding.

4. The mobile hammer crusher plant is reformed on the basis of the original hammer crusher. The production process of the material is as follows: the material is impacted by the high-speed rotating hammer, and the block itself is broken by the impact of the high speed to the fixed inactive liner.

5. The mobile impact crusher station is mainly used as sand making equipment. It realizes the production of sand and stone instead of the use of natural sand. The use of the machine reduces the consumption of material and time, improves the production efficiency and improves the quality of the finished product.

Why mobile crushers are very important in the mining industry

As we all know, with the rapid economic development and wide application in recent years, the position of mobile crushers in crushing and screening equipment is becoming more and more important. With the increasing market demand, the market demand for mobile crushers is very large. Mobile jaw crusher, mobile cone crusher and mobile counterattack equipment are widely used in mining industry.

Why is mobile crusher very important in the mining industry? First of all, the mobile crusher adopts the function of the mobile crusher, which has the characteristics of high automation, environmental protection system, high crushing efficiency and low energy consumption. Secondly, the flexible configuration and wide applicability ensure the important role of the mobile crusher in mining. Mobile crusher can recycle construction waste and concrete aggregate in infrastructure construction.

1. Energy saving and high efficiency. Integrated mobile crushing equipment reduces the cost and time of infrastructure installation and production costs. 2. The operation function is direct and effective. 3. Turning to the traction shaft, flexible and flexible, which is convenient for road transportation and site penetration. 4. Integration of vehicle-mounted motor and control box. 5. Good mobility; compact structure, easy to use.

The mobile crusher is mainly used for materials such as construction waste, river pebble, granite, basalt, limestone, quartz stone, etc., which need to be moved and processed in metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, highways and railways. And different types of material requirements, the finished product uses a variety of configurations.

According to different manufacturing processes, it can be divided into crawler mobile crusher and tire mobile crushing station. The mobile crusher has the characteristics of reasonable matching of crushing equipment at all levels, smooth discharge of the whole line process, reliable operation, convenient operation, high efficiency and energy saving. Especially the maneuverability is good, it can be extended along with the raw material site or the construction site, and can be combined in many ways to meet the needs of different materials.